Ilan Pivko Architects

The firm was founded in 1981 and has subsequently engaged in a wide range of activities: Urban planning, mixed use complex's, residential towers, hotels, public buildings, offices and private houses, real estate entrepreneurship, interior design and product design.

Pivko Architects is one of Israel's top leading firms, both among entrepreneurs and contractors, and among clients and high profile individuals. The firm's reputation earned over the years is considered exceptional in the field of architecture and design; so much so, that in the past few years, Ilan Pivko has earned the title of “Starchitect."

When put to the test in financial terms – the demand for apartments designed by Ilan Pivko ranks among the highest in the market, and their selling prices are substantially higher than the going rates of other projects located in the same areas.

In 1991, there was an exhibition at the Israel Museum Jerusalem under the title "Ilan Pivko - Existing Situation - Possible Situations". One of three exhibitions that were made about architects at the Israel Museum Jerusalem.

In 1998, an hour long documentary film was made in 'ARTE' France about Ilan Pivko's extraordinary works.

His works have been shown in prestigious magazines around the world.

Architect Ilan Pivko
// Founder and owner

Urban planner and designer, a graduate of the Technion Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa (1975)

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